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    How I Combat My Seasonal Allergies Naturally

    So, I don’t know about you, but my seasonal allergies are no joke! Every year, in both the Spring and the Fall, I get a wave of oh so familiar allergy symptoms. In the Spring the oak pollen gives me heat flashes, makes me itchy all over, gives me intense sinus headaches, and worst of all makes me so, so tired, like I didn’t sleep last night tired. In the fall, I get full on upper respiratory problems. Growing up I never had bad allergies and watching my mom suffer year after year, I always thought to myself “Man, I’m really lucky I didn’t inherit her allergies.” However, after I…

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    Holiday Essential Oil Blends

    I love playing around with essential oils and creating my own blends. It’s even more fun around the holidays, because I get to diffuse oils that I don’t typically use year round, like Pine or Christmas Spirit (although, this one should be used during all seasons. It smells so great!) I combined a few of my favorites to create three custom essential oil blends for Christmas. I narrowed myself down to three blends, because honestly, I could have probably came up with a few handfuls! There are so many oils that are great for this time of the year, and there’s no better way to add to the Holiday Spirit…

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    Ditching the Candles: Fall Essential Oil Blends

    I think it’s safe to say it’s officially the Fall Season! Pumpkins are out, leaves are changing, pumpkin breads are baking, and all the fall smells are filling everyone’s homes. This fall season, ditch the candles and replace them with essential oils! Candles are filled with toxins, such as acetone, lead, benzene, and toluene, all of which are either cancer causing or have negative impacts on your brain, lungs, kidneys or nervous system. If you need more reasons why you shouldn’t be burning candles in your homes, go visit Wellness Mama’s post “Why I Don’t Use Scented Candles.” I was in shock at some of those facts! Switching out your…