• Faux Flower Bouquet
    DIY Crafts

    Faux Flower Bouquet DIY

    Flowers. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love having them in my home on a regular basis because they add such a homey and cheery vibe to every room. BUT, it can get so dang expensive buying them weekly, and not to mention, in order to get something fancier than the daisies at Publix, I have to travel thirty minutes to a Trader Joe’s, or spend a fortune on a bouquet at Whole Foods. Also, f they’re anywhere other than my kitchen island, the cats have a field day with them while we’re sleeping. So, to fix the pricey, constantly having to replace, and cats thinking the…

  • Natural Allergy Remedies
    Home Wellness

    How I Combat My Seasonal Allergies Naturally

    So, I don’t know about you, but my seasonal allergies are no joke! Every year, in both the Spring and the Fall, I get a wave of oh so familiar allergy symptoms. In the Spring the oak pollen gives me heat flashes, makes me itchy all over, gives me intense sinus headaches, and worst of all makes me so, so tired, like I didn’t sleep last night tired. In the fall, I get full on upper respiratory problems. Growing up I never had bad allergies and watching my mom suffer year after year, I always thought to myself “Man, I’m really lucky I didn’t inherit her allergies.” However, after I…

  • DIY Punny Herb Pots
    DIY Crafts,  DIY Home Decor

    DIY Punny Herb Pots

    It’s finally Spring! Can I get a “hallelujah”? Even though the weather here in Florida has stayed around an average of 70 degrees the last 4 months, and we haven’t been craving the Spring warmth as many of you have, Spring still brings about so many other things we have dearly missed, like longer days, fresh flowers, cleaning and organizing, growth, productivity and all around refreshing. In honor of the new season, this week I’ve paired with a few special ladies to bring you all a series of DIY blog posts to “Freshen Up Your Spaces for Spring.” We will each be sharing a post to get you in the…

  • DIY Board and Batten Tutorial
    DIY Home Projects

    DIY Board and Batten Wall

    Are you wanting to make a big impact on a little budget? Well then, a board and batten wall is your way to go! We finally finished ours up, and it has completely changed the space. We could tell at step one when we put up the backer board that this was going to be impactful project, and the finished product sure did not disappoint. When we bought the house, we had a window on the dining room wall that looked through to our master bathroom. Weird, right? We thought so too when we toured the house, but decided to buy it anyway and figure out the awkward window later.…

  • DIY Furniture

    Refinished Antique Bar Cart

    I absolutely love when people reach out to me and ask me to help refinish one of their old pieces. More often than not, this means I get to work with different types of pieces than I normally buy, I get to pick colors or finishes that I don’t typically use, and best of all, I get to share my love of projects with the people I’m helping. What We Started With My friend came to me this past weekend and asked if I could help her refinish her antique bar cart from the 1950s that she recently purchased off Marketplace, and of course, my answer was “Heck yes!” Other…

  • Home Decor

    My Top 5 Favorite Black Lantern Pendant Lights

    So, after a year of contemplating which lantern light I wanted for our foyer, and looking at numerous variations, I finally decided on the perfect one! Through my research I found tons of different styles, colors, and price points, and today I’m compiling my top five favorite black lantern pendant lights under $200 (Man, that’s a mouthful!). Although I love the gold and silver pendants (like a lot), I decided to stick with a black finish, so it would match the other finishes in our space and create a cohesive look. Since I already spent hours and hours researching (and realizing  the 800 lights I was looking at were the…

  • DIY Crafts

    DIY Wood Bead Tassel Garland

    So, I don’t know about you all, but easy crafts are my all time favorite! Especially when it’s something that cost a fortune to buy, and only a fraction to make. Today I’m sharing my DIY Wooden Bead Tassel Garland. This project only took about 30 minutes and $12 to make. After a quick trip to Michael’s, one of my best gal pals and I sat down at my kitchen table and had so much fun making this easy craft. This is a great project to bring to your next craft night, do as you’re watching Bachelor on Monday evening with a glass of wine, create as a mommy daughter…

  • DIY Wedding

    Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

    So, wedding plan has been fun and all, but holy moly! No one told me there are SO many details to plan. Honestly, it gets a little overwhelming, because Pinterest is filled with tens of thousands amazing and beautiful ideas for flowers, decor, and wedding hairstyles. I’ve found myself loving all of them, and I’ve had a hard time focusing and finding a clear direction and style to go in. However, I did find one area the internet is lacking ideas in: affordable, cute, unique, and practical bridesmaid proposal boxes. I know I’m asking for a lot here, but I have nine bridesmaids, many of which have already been bridesmaids…

  • DIY Furniture

    DIY Kitchen Island

    So, let’s talk kitchen island! Kitchen islands are the focal point in a kitchen. I feel like every time I see a picture of a kitchen on Pinterest or Instagram my eyes are instantly drawn to the kitchen island. Typically they have detailed wood work on the base, or eye catching counter tops, or beautiful pendant lights hanging above. The kitchen island is also typically a gathering place in a home, whether it’s talking to mom as she finishes up dinner, harboring appetizers and good conversations at a friendly get together, or even collecting all the goodies from the latest grocery trip. Islands are the multi-functional must have in a…

  • Home Decor

    My Top Organizing Tools & Tips

    Well one thing is for dang sure. You all LOVE organizing. Which, honestly, I don’t blame you! There’s something about walking into a freshly cleaned out and organized closet or opening a kitchen drawer and being able to actually find the spoon you need that’s so invigorating, uplifting, calming, motivating…. Okay you get the point! I can get a little carried away when talking about organizing. But for real, I got an overwhelming amount of messages on my Instagram stories asking for links or telling me you needed those items in your life. So, I’ve decided to compile all my favorite organizing gadgets in a blog post, so you can…