About Me

Hi! My name is Kailey Dawn. I’m a seventh generation Floridian, who is overly obsessed with my four fur babies (yes, we basically live in a zoo), “fancy” coffee, and DIYing. I’m also a big healthy lifestyle advocate and love cooking, which is really just another way of DIYing, except with food, rather than a paint brush and some tools.

I found my passion for DIYing my senior year of college. I had a small budget to furnish my first big girl apartment. In turn, I found a $30 dresser and asked my mom to help me refinish it over the summer in her garage. And bless her heart… our South Florida garage that summer was well beyond 90 degrees, as I repainted it several shades of white, until I was pleased with the results. But that little dresser became a big moment for me, as I found a love for DIY and helping items find their unrealized potential. Fast forward three and a half years, I now live in my first real home, which is completely filled with DIY everything, and lecture every person in my path that they could totally DIY that for half the cost. Our home at 117 is a builder grade bungalow, not filled with the lovely character the homes around us possess, so Brett and myself are proudly turning it into our own quaint, cozy abode on a budget. I want to create affordable, doable, beautiful DIYs, that will help your home look as amazing as all those Pinterest pictures we’re overly intimated by. So, follow along as I DIY myself through our first home, as well as share affordable home decor and a little bit of life thrown in-between here at 117!