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Faux Flower Bouquet DIY

Flowers. I have a love hate relationship with them. I love having them in my home on a regular basis because they add such a homey and cheery vibe to every room. BUT, it can get so dang expensive buying them weekly, and not to mention, in order to get something fancier than the daisies at Publix, I have to travel thirty minutes to a Trader Joe’s, or spend a fortune on a bouquet at Whole Foods. Also, f they’re anywhere other than my kitchen island, the cats have a field day with them while we’re sleeping.

So, to fix the pricey, constantly having to replace, and cats thinking the flowers are their midnight snack issue, I decided to try my hand at a faux bouquet. After only an hour or less of work, and $25 spent at Michael’s, I’m seriously loving my faux flowers! I made this bouquet a month and a half ago (Life got crazy, but I’m finally getting around to sharing my method.), and it’s still sitting on my dining table, mostly untouched by the cats.

Faux Flower Bouquet

To start, I found an antique gold bowl while I was thrifting and I knew I wanted to use it as my vase. My mom later told me that this gold bowl is an old spittoon, which I had never heard of at the time, but you know what? We’re going with it and it’s now my vase. Any way, any vase that isn’t see through will work for this.

Next, I went to Michael’s to gather my supplies. I bought one foam block and a bunch of flowers in different shades and sizes. I made sure to get one or two big flowers, a handful of medium flowers, and a few small flowers. If the flowers you’re getting don’t have greenery on them, you’ll want to buy a stem of greenery as well. The greenery was a game changer for this bouquet! For my greenery, I was able to use all the leftover leaves from my flower stems.

Faux Flower Bouquet

First, I cut my foam square into a circle with a knife and fit it in my vase, making sure the top of the foam was level with the base of the opening on my bowl. Don’t mind my very messy, very ugly foam cutting skills. It was actually much harder than I thought it would be, and my patience is minimal for things like this.

Faux Flower Bouquet

From here I placed my faux flower stems into the foam. I started with my biggest flower and stuck it in the middle.

Faux Flower Bouquet

Next, I added my medium flower stems. I started by adding three of them. I wanted to stick to the odd numbers are better than even numbers when decorating theory, knowing I might have to go fill in holes later. When adding these flowers I took off most of the leaves. I left a few here and there, as long as the leaves were attached to the stem in a place that was closer to the flower itself.

Faux Flower Bouquet

Then, I added in my small flowers. I used my favorite stem of faux small ranunculus buds from Michael’s that come in a set of four with greenery. I left a few connected together because I loved the way they billowed over in a clump, and then used the remaining to fill in any holes.

Lastly, I used my leftover leaves and stuck them throughout the rest of the bouquet as fillers. I let a lot of the leaves stick out further than the flowers, and I wanted them to look a bit unruly, so the arrangement didn’t look overly fake. This step really changed the whole look of the bouquet and made it look so much better! I was kind of doubting my abilities until I did this step.

Making faux bouquets is so easy and so fun! I highly suggest this for a weekend afternoon when you’re feeling a little crafty, but don’t want to get yourself into a hard DIY. It’s added such a girly and fun spring touch to our dining table this past month, and I really love that I’m not having to constantly replace them or worry about the cats eating them. Now that it’s almost summer, I might just find myself at Michael’s soon to make a more summery bouquet. But until then, you will all have to send me your summer bouquets. I can’t wait to see what kind of arrangements you all come up with!

Until next time DIYers! Thanks so much for reading today!

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