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My Top 5 Favorite Black Lantern Pendant Lights

So, after a year of contemplating which lantern light I wanted for our foyer, and looking at numerous variations, I finally decided on the perfect one! Through my research I found tons of different styles, colors, and price points, and today I’m compiling my top five favorite black lantern pendant lights under $200 (Man, that’s a mouthful!). Although I love the gold and silver pendants (like a lot), I decided to stick with a black finish, so it would match the other finishes in our space and create a cohesive look. Since I already spent hours and hours researching (and realizing  the 800 lights I was looking at were the same 50 on 8 different websites… I know that math doesn’t add up, but you get the point) to find the perfect affordable lantern pendant, I will share my favorites you all, in hopes your searching can be kept to a minimum. Can you guess which one we decided to go with?

1.Chloe Royal Ebony Gallery 4- Light Foyer Pendant – Birchlane

2. Perryton 12.25 in. W. 4-Light Blacksmith Hall-Foyer Pendant – Home Depot

3. Finnick 3-Light Lantern Pendant – Birchlane

4.Four-Sided Glass Hanging Pendant Lamp – World Market

5. 4 Light Metal Frame Chandelier – Antique Farmhouse

I think all of these are wonderful choices, and each creates a different statement! I loved them all, but in the end we chose the one that Brett and I both felt the space needed most. Go check out my Instagram to see which one we compromised on! And yes, I say compromise because I had a clear winner, however Brett hated it. Unfortunately for me, we do this whole decorating our house together thing, but I think we chose one that will be timeless!

Until next time DIYers! Thanks for reading!

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