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DIY Wood Bead Tassel Garland

So, I don’t know about you all, but easy crafts are my all time favorite! Especially when it’s something that cost a fortune to buy, and only a fraction to make. Today I’m sharing my DIY Wooden Bead Tassel Garland. This project only took about 30 minutes and $12 to make. After a quick trip to Michael’s, one of my best gal pals and I sat down at my kitchen table and had so much fun making this easy craft. This is a great project to bring to your next craft night, do as you’re watching Bachelor on Monday evening with a glass of wine, create as a mommy daughter project, or even a great project let all the littles at the next slumber party entertain themselves with. It’s so easy. I really think anyone can do it! Both Taylor and I have been slightly obsessed with our garlands since we made them. They look good literally everywhere around the house! And best yet, because of the way I designed the garland, the tassels can be switched out to match the area you’re putting it in, the current holiday, or if you just get tired of the tassel color you chose. So, turn on a little music and follow below to make your own DIY Wooden Bead Tassel Garland!

What you will need:

Variety pack of wooden beads

String/yarn to make tassels
(This is where you can have fun! Really any yarn or string will work here. It all depends on the look you are going for. You can use twine if you want a neutral and clean look. You can use skinny colored yarn or string to add a little pop of color, while still keeping the tassels neat. Or you can use thicker, more funky yarn to add a pop of character. Get creative and pick something you love! Good luck… there’s a lot of options!)

String to string the beads on
(If your string or yarn you are using on your tassels is skinny enough, you can totally use the same string for both! I used twine for mine.)



How to make:

I promise, this is so easy that you’ll probably wonder why I’m even explaining it! But first string your wooden beads onto your yarn or string. I tried to keep a pattern going when I first started, however, I don’t think the container comes with a set amount each sized bead. The sizes also started to all blend together the more I looked at them, so I just started stringing them, making sure to put a really large bead every 4 or 5 beads. I used the whole bucket to make one strand.

Once your beads are all strung, put a double knot up against the last bead on both sides. Be sure you leave at least 6 inches of string after your knot. You will need this to tie the tassels on.

Set your wooden bead strand aside, because now it’s time to make the tassels! Cut a piece of card board or card stock the length you want your tassels. My piece of cardboard was about 4 inches long, and maybe 3 inches wide (the width doesn’t matter much). If you don’t have cardboard, anything rectangle and skinny will work, like a small calculator, your iPhone, or even your own hand.  Wrap your yarn around the piece of card board until the yarn is as thick as you want your tassels. I didn’t count how many times I wrapped my yarn (Sorry! I so should have.) I probably wrapped my yarn for about 30 seconds until it felt fairly thick.

Once you have your yarn wrapped, cut a small piece of yarn and tie it, really tightly, around the middle of your yarn, like below.

Next, take your yarn off the card board, and tie another piece of yarn, again really tight, around the top, to make a little ball. I wrapped my yarn around the ball several times to create a thicker string.

Now you will take your scissors and cut the the bottom loop on all your strands.

I don’t know about you, but my tassel strands ended up pretty uneven here. Lay your tassel flat on the table and cut the tips as straight as you can. Disclaimer: You will never get them perfect, so don’t drive yourself crazy!

It’s a good thing you can make the strands straight after you cut them…

To connect your tassels to your wood bead garland, wrap a small piece of tape around the left over string on the end of your garland to create a needle type end. Feed this piece through the middle of your tassel, and then feed the string back up through about 6 beads to secure the tassel. If you want to change out the tassels, all you have to do is pull this string back out, take off the tassel, and string on a new one! Since we didn’t tie the end of the string once we put on the tassel on, and instead allows the beads to hold the string in place, it’s easy to change out the tassels as you wish.

You’re all done! I think my favorite part about this project is how good it looks everywhere. It’s so versatile! Or maybe my favorite part is that you can switch the tassels as you please (just in case you get tired of things quickly like I do). Either way I know I had so much fun making this easy project and I love it!

Until next time DIYers! Thank you so, so much for reading!

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