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Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

So, wedding plan has been fun and all, but holy moly! No one told me there are SO many details to plan. Honestly, it gets a little overwhelming, because Pinterest is filled with tens of thousands amazing and beautiful ideas for flowers, decor, and wedding hairstyles. I’ve found myself loving all of them, and I’ve had a hard time focusing and finding a clear direction and style to go in. However, I did find one area the internet is lacking ideas in: affordable, cute, unique, and practical bridesmaid proposal boxes. I know I’m asking for a lot here, but I have nine bridesmaids, many of which have already been bridesmaids in several other weddings. I didn’t want to overload them with bridesmaid mugs, or spend money on hair ties no one uses. So, after searching ideas for hours, I finally decided to come up with my own and I can’t wait to share my proposal boxes with you!

Cute right?! And did I mention they’re super easy and affordable? My favorite part about these proposal boxes is that they are also practical. I bought the brown boxes and bridesmaid cards on Amazon. For the saying inside the card, I simply downloaded a few free fonts, made up a little Word doc, printed them on normal paper, and glued them to the inside of the card. It probably would have been better to figure out how to feed the cards through the printer, but technology and I don’t really get along, and I didn’t want to fool with the printer. Next, I made a quick stop at Target where I picked up the brown crinkle cut paper, the velvet ribbon, and name tags. And last but not least, I found the succulents at Lowe’s (However, Walmart and Trader Joe’s have the best priced succulents, if they have them in stock.) and the mini champagne bottles at the grocery store. I assembled the boxes and was done! Easy peasy! (Unless your puppy eats your last bridesmaid card in the package, which was supposed to go in your last bridesmaid box. UGH! It’s a good thing she’s cute.)

If your bridesmaid doesn’t, or can’t, drink champagne, you can switch it out with a mini Coca-Cola can (soda “pop” can) or confetti popper, or give them multiple succulents.

Now that all my bridesmaids have been asked, it’s time to start planning the bachelorette party! Where to go?? There are so many options.

Until next time DIYers! Thanks for reading!

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