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My Top Organizing Tools & Tips

Well one thing is for dang sure. You all LOVE organizing. Which, honestly, I don’t blame you! There’s something about walking into a freshly cleaned out and organized closet or opening a kitchen drawer and being able to actually find the spoon you need that’s so invigorating, uplifting, calming, motivating…. Okay you get the point! I can get a little carried away when talking about organizing. But for real, I got an overwhelming amount of messages on my Instagram stories asking for links or telling me you needed those items in your life. So, I’ve decided to compile all my favorite organizing gadgets in a blog post, so you can easily reference it when needed. You can also check out my Instagram story highlights where I saved the videos from my organizing escapade.


Acrylic Drawer Bin

These drawer bins are amazing because one: they are only $5. Two: they come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. And three: they have rubber bottoms, so when you open and close your drawers, they do not move around at all.

Tip: I love using these to organize my small kitchen utensils. I have one that holds all my measure spoons and cups, and another one to hold all my miscellaneous items like a pizza cutter and can opener. I also used these in other drawers to old my extra Chick-fil-a sauce packets (we hoard them) and pens and pencils.

Expandable Drawer Organizers 

Expandable drawer organizers are the must have I never knew I needed. They will fit into almost any drawer and have the flexibility to move as far or as close together as you want. I highly recommend these over your typical drawer organizers for stirring spoons, tongs, and spatulas.

Tip: You can also buy expandable cabinet organizers to help organize and separate cutting boards and baking sheets. They are the same type of idea, just on a larger scale.

Stainless Steel Grocery Bag Holder

This one speaks for itself. There is nothing more annoying than having a cluttered under the sink cabinet where plastic baggies are suffocating everything else that lives in this space. Having a container that houses all the baggies and sticks to the inside of your cabinet drawer or pantry wall makes this unruly situation calm again.

Pull Down Spice Rack

This item in particular received an overwhelming amount of love on my Instagram stories, and for good reason! I love that I can organize my spices in contained racks, and then pull them down so they’re all at eye level. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there is anything more annoying than when you’re cooking a time sensitive recipe and you have to rummage around your spice shelf to find the right ingredient.

Tip: This is an ongoing debate between my mom and me. She thinks the spices should in this rack should be in alphabetical order. I disagreed. I think the ones you use most often should be in the front.  What do you think?

Adhesive Organizer Bin

This is probably the smallest, least exciting organizing gadget I bought, but I think it is my favorite. It makes my life so much easier because now all the little items don’t get lost in the cabinet!

Tip: I stuck this on the inside door of my under the sink cabinet. It holds my extra sponges, glass stove top cleaner, and all the little items that used to get lost under my sink that we use on a regular basis. This would also be great to put in pantry or in a spice cabinet to old all your little extras, like oils or seasoning packets.

Mesh Glider Bins

This is the one thing I wanted desperately for under my kitchen sink, however, our house builders put pipes for days under there and no bins would fit. I would have loved to have the ability to pull out my cleaning supplies and see what’s actually in the back of the cabinet.

I also would have loved to purchase glider bins for my pots and pans, however, they can start to get expensive, and we were trying to keep the organization on a budget. The only space I didn’t get to organize was my “pantry,” also known as my two food cabinets since we live in a neighborhood of 1920 bungalows were an actual pantry is considered a luxury. That is another project and post for another day. The options are endless, and there are so many good storage options to purchase! Just google “Container Store Kitchen Storage,” and you will understand what I mean.


Bathrooms are very difficult to keep organized because we use them and their belongings each and every day. I highly recommend having baskets or drawers dedicated to each type of bathroom item. For example, we have one drawer dedicated to medicine, one basket dedicated to my face soaps and masks, and a counter top caddy dedicated to my every day used oils and vitamins. It takes work, but making a point to put back each item will make all the difference in the long run!

Sliding 2 Drawer Organizer

I originally bought these drawers to go under my kitchen sink. I desperately wanted to be able to pull out all my cleaning supplies, so I could see them, however, it didn’t fit. Luckily, it was a great fit under the bathroom sink! I love that adding these drawers under the sink allows me to have double the storage. Now I can store things on two levels.

Tip: Store all your bathroom cleaning materials on one self, so you have easy access to them while cleaning your bathroom! You can also label each shelf according to what you store on them.

Command Hooks

Command hooks can be such a great tool for under your sink! Stick them to the inside of your doors and hang the items you use every day like your hair dryer, straighter, curler, lint roller, head bands ect. This allows them to be in an easy to find place, so you won’t have to dig through a bucket or storage bin.

Hanging Shelves

Unfortunately, these shelves were custom made from Facebook Market Place, but I had to share them solely for the idea! I love, love, love these shelves because they hold all of my most used products in a stylish way that doesn’t clutter my cabinet or counter top. It’s an added plus that they also hold a hand towel. These shelves would be so easy to DIY, or if you Google “Hanging Bathroom Shelf” there’s a ton of similar options.


Boy, oh boy…..where do I even begin on closets?! If you are all like me, which I’m sure a majority are, it’s a haven for all the things. I pile high my clothes as I take them off, store the random items that don’t have a home, and come back to it every few weeks to only throw those items into other corners or a basket here and there to make it look “clean.” My number one tip pertaining to closets is to go through them once a year. Yep, you heard me! Once a year. I know it sounds like a daunting task, but let me tell you. Daunting is a closet that hasn’t been touched in years. Going through your closet every year will help keep the clutter out, and help you realize what you really don’t wear or need. There are some years that I look at an article of clothing and say “Yes, I like this! I should wear it more.” And then comes the following year when I go through my clothes again, just to realize that I never ever wore that top. Y’all… toss it!

Hefty Storage Bins

I know you’re probably thinking “Okay? So these are just storage bins.” But I love these so much more than other ones I’ve had in the past for two reasons. One: the lids sit an inch or two higher than the top of the plastic bottom. This means no more awkwardly bent tops that are trying to stretch over the overly filled buckets. It gives you that little extra bit of storage. And two: the lids have lips on them that help all the storage bins stack together without moving. They come in a bunch of different sizes and they easily stack together.

Wicker Baskets

I love using wicker baskets on the top shelf of my closet. They store a lot of items while also looking pretty! Marshals and Home Goods are my go to spot for wicker baskets.

Tip: Label all your baskets and bins, especially if you’re storing them up high and won’t be able to directly see what’s in them. This makes it so much easier when you go to find those items you don’t use often. I labeled mine, and now I don’t have to pull each basket down every time to find the correct one.

Well, there you have it; all my favorite storage items and tips! If you have any additional favorites comment below, so we can all share and be organized together!

Until next time DIYers! Thank you so much for reading!

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