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Potted String Light Stand

We’ve been wanting to add string lights to our back patio for some time now, but we didn’t have any where to hang the lights from. This is where the potted light stand came in handy! They were so easy flippin easy to make! I think I spent more time at Home Depot picking the pot and flowers than we spent making the stand. Follow below for a step by step tutorial on how to make the potted string light stand. If you’ve been wanting to add string lights to your backyard, but don’t have a fence, tree, or a house to connect the lights to, these are perfect for you.

What You Will Need:

One large planter

Two 50 lb bags of quick set concrete

One 4x4x8ft Pressure Treated Timber

One bag of potting soil

A few flowers or plants of your choice

One screw hook

String Lights

Wood Stain


How to Make:

First, place your wood timber inside the center of your pot and mix your concrete around your timber according to the package directions. We poured half a bag of concrete at a time into the pot around the wooden pole, sprayed a little bit of water into the pot, and mixed. We repeated this process four times, until we had mixed both bags of concrete. I recommend trying to find a pot without a hole, however, if your pot does a hole, you will need to fill this prior to pouring any concrete.

As you are mixing your concrete, it is very important that you are making sure your wooden timber is level on all sides. As Brett mixed the concrete, I was holding the timber in place, making sure all sides stayed level.

Let your concrete dry according the package. By the time we got to the last half of the last bag, the wooden timber was standing on its own, but before walking away we triple checked that our timber was level.

Once your concrete is dry, stain your wood timber. I used Minwax Polyshades in Honey, which has a polyurethane mixed in.

Next, add soil on top of your dry concrete, and plant your plants or flowers around the wooden timber. I would highly suggest drilling a hole in your pot where the concrete and soil meet, so water can drain from your soil. This is something we did not do originally, and our plants died pretty quickly from too much water, as it’s very rainy here in Florida.

Now it’s time to add the lights! Screw in your screw hook a few inches down from the top of your timber. Attach your lights to the hook on your new light stand, and then attach the other end of the string lights to either additional light stand or another item in your back yard! We used three strands of lights. We attached one end of each strand to our light pole, and then attached the other end of our lights to our house and a tree.


Amazon has a lot of great and inexpensive string light options! You can also find significantly discounted string lights in the outdoor section of Home Depot or Target if it’s the end of the summer. I only spent $24 total for 3 strands of string lights at Target!

I absolutely love how our backyard string light stand turned out! We’ve turned them on every night since we hung them up. They create such a happy ambiance out there and the flowers give the patio a nice extra touch. You definitely can’t beat an inexpensive and super easy hack to add a few happy lights to your back patio!

Until next time DIYers! Thank you so much for reading!

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