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How to Create Beautifully Wrapped Gifts

I think it’s easy to say that presents are my favorite part about Christmas! I love giving them to my family and friends, and I equally love wrapping them. I used to help my mom wrap them every Christmas. Then, in about the second grade she got smart and realized I would do them all for her. Since then, I’ve been deemed the presenter wrapper in the family. Today I’ve gathered all my tips and tricks to create beautifully wrapped presents that are budget friendly, as well as quick and easy. With the right tools, it is super easy to create presents that are equally as amazing as the gift inside. I know this post is coming a little late this season, however, I also know that I’m not the only one who waits to wrap my presents until I’ve bought them all a few days before Christmas.


The Tools


When shopping for wrapping paper, I like to find two papers that coordinate with each other. I pick one solid, neutral paper, and one fun, printed paper. This will give you the ability to mix and match to create cohesive, but different presents. You can find inexpensive rolls of neutral paper at Walmart, on Amazon, or even the dollar store. Target or Home Goods is a great place to find your fun paper. They have lots of different colors and themes. This year I picked this black and gold printed paper I found at Target, and I’m loving it!



All presents need ribbon, right? Again like the paper, I like to buy two different, but coordinating ribbons. Go with a neutral and a colored ribbon, so you can mix and match the them with your two different papers. This year I found green velvet ribbon at Target, made by their Sugar Paper line, and it’s dreamy! I also snagged a huge roll of white and gold twine. This will match with the gold paper, and also stand out on the neutral brown paper.


Tags and Toppers

Find two toppers to accent your name tags and ribbon. I think you see where this is going… Two is the magic number! This is the part where you get to have a little fun, be creative, and really amp up your presents. I decided to use little pieces of pine tree I found at Michael’s. I bought a pine branch and pulled of the stems as needed. In addition, I added orange slices. If you’ve been following me this Christmas on Instagram, you’ve seen how obsessed I’ve been with the orange slices. They’re so pretty, and the perfect touch to a Floridian Christmas! I’ve saved the process to this really easy DIY on my Instagram story highlights under DIY Christmas. Lastly, you will need one or two different, but again coordinating name tags. I recommend looking at the dollar bin at Target. I found 48 tags for $2!



Overall the idea is to find several different, but coordinating items to wrap your presents with. By keeping your wrapping materials neutral and solid, except for one fun wrapping paper, you’re able to create a bunch of differently wrapped presents that all match each other and are beautiful!

Wrapping the Presents

Now for the fun part! When wrapping presents I have a few important tips to get crisp and tightly wrapped presents.

  1. Wrap as many presents as you can in boxes. It’s so much more fun for your family and friends to unwrap a present, rather then pull out a few pieces of tissue from a bad. I like to buy a variety pack of boxes to ensure I’ll have boxes to fit all my gifts.
  2. Most wrapping paper now comes with a grid on the inside. These grid lines will be really helpful to make sure your present is sitting straight on your paper.
  3. Fold the edges of the paper that will be exposed. This will create a crisp line and hide any ugly cutting you  may have done.
  4. When wrapping boxes, run your fingers along the edges of the box to create crisp edges.
  5. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of tape! I tape down every step I do. This helps the paper stay tight.
  6. Don’t follow in my footsteps on the tape I used…Use present wrapping tape. It is really clear and won’t show on your gifts. I lost mine when it came time to wrap the presents, so I improvised with what I had, and unfortunately it showed.

Making Your Gifts Unique

I love how creative you can get when wrapping your presents. When you buy the right supplies, you can make so many variations of wrapped gifts.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use your scraps! I know I’m not the only one who wraps a big gift, and then has an awkward amount of paper left over. These awkward pieces can be used in several ways to reduce waste.
    • Have a piece of paper that is a tiny bit two small? Wrap your gift with that piece, and then cut a strip of your other paper to cover the part that is still unwrapped.
    • You can also wrap a present with half one paper, and half the other paper.
    • For the smaller pieces of scrap paper, you can create little pockets to hold your name tags.
  2. Mix and match your ribbons, tags and toppers. I like to try to keep one or two things the same from present to present. The more you mix and match your ribbons and toppers, the more different, but cohesive your presents will become!

Have fun! You can get so creative when wrapping presents, and you’re sure to wow your friends and family.


Until next time DIYers. Thank you so much for reading!

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