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Holiday Essential Oil Blends

I love playing around with essential oils and creating my own blends. It’s even more fun around the holidays, because I get to diffuse oils that I don’t typically use year round, like Pine or Christmas Spirit (although, this one should be used during all seasons. It smells so great!) I combined a few of my favorites to create three custom essential oil blends for Christmas. I narrowed myself down to three blends, because honestly, I could have probably came up with a few handfuls! There are so many oils that are great for this time of the year, and there’s no better way to add to the Holiday Spirit than diffusing a few festive oil blends! They perfect for the season and will help your home feel extra cozy and smell amazing. Comment below with your favorite custom blends. I would love to hear them!

Christmas Morning:

3 drops Black Spruce Northern Lights

3 drops Clove

2 drops Nutmeg

Peppermint Bark:

2 drops Christmas Spirit

2 drops Peppermint


3 drops Black Spruce Northern Lights

2 drops Pine

1 drop Copaiba

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