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DIY Holiday Garland

I’m so excited to share my holiday garland with you all today! I love decor that can double for multiple seasons or holidays. Not only is it cost effective, but since the holidays come and go so quickly, I like to be able to have my decorations out for a little longer. This garland makes a big statement, but is secretly inexpensive and incredibly easy to make. It’s a win win! As soon as I saw the Hearth and Hand Eucalyptus Pinecone Garland at Target, I knew it needed to come home with me! Decorate for Thanksgiving or Christmas, change out the saying, and this garland fits perfectly into both holidays. Once you get your garland, one trip to Michael’s is all you will need to create the rest!

What You Will Need:


Wood Ornaments (9)

Navy Gingham Ribbon

Black Scrapbook Letter Stickers

How to Make It:

This DIY is so easy! First, you need to stick your letters onto your wood ornaments. One side of your ornaments will says “Thankful,” and then flip them over and the other side will say “Be Merry.”


The stickers I used were a little big for some of the ornaments. I bought all the wood ornaments my Michael’s had, but if you have a larger selection, I suggesting buying the largest ones you can find.

Once your stickers are on, cut off the ornament strings and replace them with 16 inches of navy gingham ribbon. I chose navy because I feel like it can easily be incorporated into both holidays. This way I don’t have to redo the ribbon for Christmas!

Next, tie your ribbon onto the garland and you’re finished!

I love that I can use this garland for Thanksgiving, paired with a few pumpkin and fall leaves, and then flip it around for Christmas and pair it with my stockings and a Christmas tree! It’s beautiful, easy, doesn’t break the bank, and makes a big statement! I would love to see what you all come up with. The sayings are endless, as well as the ribbon colors. Tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

Until next time DIYers! Thanks for reading!


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