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Easy DIY Wooden Fall Sign

It’s finally October! I LOVE October. I get giddy just thinking about it. It’s easily my favorite month of the year. It could be because my birthday is this month, but I think it’s mostly because October marks the beginning of the holiday seasons, extra time spent with family, all the smells and flavors reserved for fall are finally acceptable again, football season is back (not that I care about watching the games much, but I do love a good football dip), cozy blankets make their way back onto the couch, the temperature starts to drop (and by dropping, here in Florida, I mean it’s finally back in the 80s, or 70s, if we’re really lucky), morning coffees on the porch become bearable again, and the fall leaves start to make an appearance. Well, for me, the fall leaves make an appearance on my Instagram feed. In Florida, the only variation of changing leaves we see are green, to brown, to green, to greener. Believe it or not, I’ve actually never seen real fall leaves before. I know, I know! I’m deprived, but in a couple of weeks were going to the mountains in Georgia, and fingers crossed, I get to see my first dose of real fall!

But either way, every year October instantly brings about all the warm, cozy feelings, and y’all “I’m so glad we live in a world with Octobers.” This saying from Ann of Green Gables made its way to my social media last week, and I instantly felt a connection with it. So naturally, I decided to DIY a version of it! I’ve made custom wood signs for my house before, and without all the fancy stencil making tools, the process became quite tedious. Since this would be a seasonal decoration, I didn’t want to spend too much time or money on the project. So after a little brainstorming and trip to the craft store, I came across the perfect idea: Stickers! Michaels and Joann have quite the collection of black letter stickers in every size and font, so I chose the most simple, crisp font I could find. My plan was to go to Home Depot and buy a square of wood, paint it white, and then make a stained wooden frame to go around it, but on my way out of Joann I found this wooden sign.

It was perfect! It was pretty much exactly what I was planning to make, except this saved me the time and effort. Not to mention, I walked out with this for only $6 after using the 60% off coupon from the Joann app! This project is SO easy and quick. And it adds the perfect touch of fall. Just add a few pumpkins or fall leaves around the sign, and you will be quickly loving October as much as I do!

Pro tips:
  • Make this sign your own by using whatever font of stickers speaks to you. You can also change the background color to whatever color you love!
Things you will need:
  • Wooden sign from Joann (here is a similar one if you want to order one online)
  • White paint (or whatever color you prefer)
  • Letter stickers (I used these)
  • Paint Brush
How to Make:

Paint the back of your wooden sign.

Tip: Use painters tape to tape the inside edges. I wish I would have taken the two minutes to do this in order to achieve crisper lines, and so I didn’t have to use a steady hand while painting.

Once the paint is dry, layout your letters and come up with a design. I’m so glad I planned it out ahead of time. This allowed me to make sure there weren’t any words that were crunched together.

Stick your stickers on your wooden sign. Yep, it’s that easy!

Tip: Use the lines on the wooden sign as a guide to ensure your letters are aligned properly. Also, when sticking on the stickers, don’t push them all the way down until you have the full row finished. This will allow you to easily move the letters if need be. And when pushing down the stickers, do exactly that. Push them down. Don’t run your finger over them. I did this on one letter and almost ripped it off. Oops!

Find the perfect little nook, filled with all things fall, to place your beautiful sign, and tag me on Instagram! I love seeing everyone’s DIYs.

Until next time DIYers! Thank you for reading!

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