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Rustic Picture Window Frame

I’m so excited to be sharing my very first DIY blog post! I’ve been DIYing and home decorating on a budget for a few years now. After every project, I kept feeling a strong pull to share them, like God was screaming at me “Start sharing and stop keeping all the details to yourself!” So, here we are after a shiplap backsplash, screened in patio, DIY patio doors, fence installation, DIY fence gate, and many, many refinished or repurposed furniture and home decor pieces. I finally have the guts to start posting and sharing my projects with you. Starting this blog has been so exciting and rewarding, and I’m so happy you’re here to join me at the very beginning of my journey. I truly appreciate you reading!

So, enough about me and onto my latest DIY home decor find: my rustic picture window frame.

The Window Frame

This window frame came from my great grandmother, Granny Sasser’s, house. When my family renovated the house years and years ago, they replaced all the windows, and kept the old original, wooden frames in the barn. 

And man did I get lucky! When I brought the frame home, it was exactly the color of my dining room chairs. Since this frame was sitting in a barn, for who knows how long, the first thing I did when I brought it home was clean it up. I used a wet rag to gently take off all the dirt, followed up with Windex, and that was it! Since time and Mother Nature created the perfect rustic details, I didn’t have to do anything else to the frame. Look at the beautiful details on the wood!

If you don’t have a supply of window frames, as I’m imagining most people don’t, you should be able to find them for about $25 on your local Facebook Marketplace or Offer Up App, or you may also be able to find them at a local salvage shop for the same price. I highly recommend trying to find one with beautiful natural rustic details. Because of the age of the window, I found that it is very fragile. The paint wanted to flake off around the edges when I cleaned it with a rag, and I would have been a little hesitant to put muscle into the window to sand it, as the glazing putty holding in the glass was breaking off, as you can see below. However, this is not to say it couldn’t be done!

As today would have been Granny Sasser’s 104th birthday, I felt it was only right that my first post be about a window from her house. Happy Birthday Granny Sasser!

The Pictures

The pictures you add to your window are completely up to your creativity and style. I decided to use 8×8 black and white photos. I used a few of Brett and me, a few of Kona, our crazy puppy (We also have Harper now, and someday she will be featured in the window as well… if I ever get around to printing more pictures.), and a few landscape photos from various vacations I’ve been on. I decided on these photos to keep the frame a little more interesting, and mainly because Brett and I have no professional photos together (Again, someday we’ll get around to this. This crazy thing called “Life” likes to get in the way.) My sister filled her pane with her Polaroid collection, which was a super fun way to use the pictures she had snapped on her vacations.

I printed my photos at CVS and was happy with the quality of them. To attach the photos to the window frame, I used clear gift wrap tape , and you can’t see a thing! I stuck a little piece on the top and bottom of each picture, being sure to only let enough tape hang off the edge of the photo to make them stick to the glass. I originally used what they call “Magic Tape,” because it claimed to completely disappear, but unless you squint really, really tight, that tape does not disappear.  I had the best luck with the gift wrapping tape!

Hanging the Window Frame

Hanging the window framewas the hardest part of this project. I knew I wanted to be able to easily take this window down in order to replace the pictures if I wanted to, and I also knew I did not want to see a metal wire running across the back or on the top. Not to mention, this window is SO heavy. Therefore, we attached a D-ring on top of each corner of the window.

I knew it needed a lot of support, and since our wall studs were not centered where I wanted them to be, we used dry wall anchors. These dry wall anchors claim they can hold up to 265 pounds, so I think it’s safe to say the window isn’t going anywhere. Attached to the dry wall anchors, I used the metal hooks below. This picture hanging kit has both the D-rings and the hooks you will need to hang the picture.

I hung the rings on the back of the frame onto the hooks on the wall, and the window frameinstantly became one of my favorite and most sentimental pieces in our house!

Until next time DIYers! Thank you for reading!


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